Meet the Slinkies: Bethany Cody

September 21, 2021By Spineless Wonders ~teaminterviews, NEWS & EVENTS (Homepage), short story anthology, Slinkies, Slinkies, THE COLUMN

We are thrilled to introduce you to emerging writer, Bethany Cody whose short story, ‘Seep’ is published in the 2021 Slinkies anthology. In this interview with publishing intern, Jessica Duff, Bethany talks about the origin of her story, about the role of research in fiction writing  and her favourite authors. To find out more about … Read More

Just Our Type

November 4, 2020By Spineless Wonders ~teamguest blog, interns, THE COLUMN

‘I was quickly obsessed with every click and clack of the keys. I was so motivated by these sounds that I waited for the ting that would come at the end of every line, followed by a long brrrr sound. It’s the best.’ This week our guest blogger is publishing intern, Luzelle Sotelo who writes … Read More

Revisiting a Bygone Era

October 21, 2020By Spineless Wonders ~teamguest blog, THE COLUMN

Quick, call The Doctor. Our publishing intern, Angela Jin, has fallen down a rabbit hole and has come out all obssessy. Is there a cure, or will we just have to cut back her access to Youtube while she is at work? Follow Us:   Share this page: